Live Platformization

I created YouTube's Live Interactivity design framework and principles for which several of the below features were built upon. In addition to feature-work, I also led and managed the design system and all partner team integrations.
  • Lead designer
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

The Live Interactivity Framework


No existing design system

There was no design system, framework, or principles in place. User needs were not being met beyond the bare minimum, and launches were convoluted.


Developing and proposing a framework

I developed a new design system and partnered with UX Research to validate and iterate on the proposal. We conducted several rounds of research across live chat's broad range of user-types to inform the information-architecture of the system. Chat's users range anywhere from people who never send message, to active participants. As a result, it was critical that our system was able to cater to a diverse set of users.


Establishing principles and building the design system

After refining the proposal, I pitched the vision to leadership and gained buy-in from Product to invest in building the framework by recommending that we couple component launches with new feature launches. This ultimately informed our annual roadmap.

In tandem with creating interactive features, I developed a set of principles for this framework while partnering with engineering to support the aforementioned feature launches. The result was the introduction of new components in the chat ecosystem that unlocked several partner team integrations, such as Gifting, Channel Redirects, and more. In addition to the rollout of our new framework, we also shipped two engagement features: pinned messages and polls.


Platform leadership

After establishing the Interactivity framework, my role evolved into the overall Platform UX Lead of the Live team. My responsibilities included:

  • Facilitating the integration of all partner teams into Live Interactivity
  • Defining collaboration process and overseeing the Live team's intake forum for new feature proposals
  • Educating the rest of YouTube about the live industry and moderation
  • Creating and maintaining Live UX playbooks to empower more effective collaboration across teams