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My name's Lil and I’m a product designer based out of New York. With over ten years of experience, strategy-driven design and cross-functional collaboration are my bread & butter. I dig designing within a healthy set of constraints; it's like solving a puzzle. Furthermore, I believe that the ethics behind the user-experience are just as important as its usability.

Many moons ago, I played Smash Bros. Melee competitively under the gamer-tag, Milktea. Over the years, I transitioned into an activist role advocating for women in competitive gaming spaces. That eventually turned into co-founding the initiative, Smash Sisters.

In my spare time, you'll find me nurturing my drawing, photography, and climbing skills. I'm also still trying to earn my dog, Miso's, love. It's a work in progress.
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Staff Product Designer
Sep 2023 - Present


Senior Interaction Designer & Design Manager
Nov 2015 - Aug 2023

TED Talks

Oct 2011 - Apr 2015