Live Monetization

I helped support creators by creating some of the first alternative monetization options on YouTube Live, including launching Super Chat, Membership badges, Member messages, and custom emotes.
  • Lead designer
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

Super chat

This feature enables a creator's community to financially support them by purchasing highlighted, pinned, messages. Super chat has been featured on FastCompany, New York Times, TechCrunch, and Engadget.

  • Developed a design system that scales with a purchaser's financial support across all platforms, in collaboration with the Lead Gaming designer.
  • Designed and launched creator-facing Super Chat tools to help users track purchases
  • Worked with product to define the purchase experience while accounting for internationalization (ie, different currencies) and legal constraints

Member messages

Paying members are rewarded with a monthly, highlighted chat message that they can send to their creator's community.

  • Led the design by navigating product, legal, and content requirements
  • Drove alignment on the monetization ecosystem in live chat by facilitating coordination between partner teams

Custom emotes being typed into live chat.

Custom emotes

This feature enables creators to upload custom emotes to their channels, which is a necessity for fostering community culture.

  • Led the design for the viewer and creator user-experiences which involve uploading assets, selecting emotes, removing emotes, and reporting abuse

Custom badges for members within live chat.

Membership badges

This allows creators to assign their members special badges of their choice, with the ability to differentiate based on how long a member has been supporting them.

  • Led the design for the viewer and creator user-experiences for uploading and acquiring badges