Live Interactivity

I evolved YouTube’s live chat from a linear feed of text messages to a suite of interactive features. This includes launching live polls, pinned chat messages, a new full-screen viewing mode, and more.
  • Lead designer
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web


This allows creators to create and run polls amongst their community. They can customize up to four options, and select when to end the poll.

  • Led the design for the poll creation experience, voting experience, and an end-state that highlights the results
  • Navigated engineering complexity to design for thousands of votes-per-second in real-time

Pinned messages

Creators need mechanisms to curate topics within their communities. This gives them the ability to highlight specific messages in chat by pinning them to the top.

  • Led the design from inception to launch

Fullscreen mode

The previous fullscreen experience was obstructed by live chat on top of the video. This new paradigm gives viewers the option to lean-in during interactive moments to engage, like a poll, and otherwise, lean-out to focus on the video.

  • Onboarded a junior designer into the live chat ecosystem as they explored concept directions
  • Drove the design through implementation to launch by supporting engineering and auditing builds